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DBL Door Solutions offers planned maintenance service and repairs all types of retail, commercial automatic and manual doors and entrances.


To keep your employees and members of the public safe, and your operations ticking over, it’s important to ensure that your doors are maintained regularly. Any issues should be addressed quickly before they become something a lot worse later on. 

All automatic doors should be the subject of an inspection by a suitably accredited technician at least once per year and an up-to-date inspection record is also vital in the event of an accident or near miss, to show proper care and attention has been paid to potential hazards within an entrance area.

We will be able to recommend the minimum number of services per annum based on the usage of the entrance, UK regulatory requirements, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. 


The aim is to prolong the service life of your doors for as long as possible. This is achieved through methodical inspections and compliant repairs.

Our maintenance service is an excellent investment as it:


  • Protects your employees and customers

  • Can identify and fix any underlying issues before they spiral into costlier problems

  • Prolongs the life of your doors and minimises any potential downtime

  • Provides vital safety checks and records

  • Ensures you remain compliant with legislative requirements

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